Use that tiny space beside your refrigerator with this useful storage cabinet

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Have you seen those pull out pantry shelves that fit in the space between your fridge and a wall? If you have, you may even be curious about how to make one of those for yourself. The good news is, you can make one yourself, and even better, it's actually pretty easy to do too. This is one of the fun diy projects you and your spouse could work on and have finished in one weekend. This diy idea comes from Mallory & Savannah of Classy Clutter who are also members of the Hometalk community. They shared this idea on Hometalk, and it seems like a lot of people really liked it too. So if you have a small kitchen, this would be the perfect fun diy project for you to try out. This shelf doesn't have to go beside your fridge, it can really go anywhere you want it to or wherever it fits best in your kitchen. Choose the spot, and then you can start gathering your materials. You'll need various sizes of wood, so just write down this list and take it with you. You can also alter the number of shelves and the heights if you know exactly what you want to put in your cabinet.

You will need up to 9 – 1 inch by 4-inch boards cut to 29.5 inches. This will be for the very top board, the shelves, and the bottom board. Then you'll also need boards for the sides which will be 2 1 inch by 4-inch piece of wood cut to 64 inches. The backboard on the cabinet can be made out of beadboard and cut to 1 31.5 inches by 64 inches to fit the entire cabinet. You will also need 4 1.5 inch or 2-inch metal casters that are able to hold 50 or more pounds of weight. Also get 7 7/16 dowels cut to 30 inches long, a handle, paint and brushes. Frist of all you'll build the frame for the cabinet by screwing and nailing the boards together to look like a ladder. Then you will drill holes for the dowels which will sit just above the shelves to keep the items in place. At this time you can also paint the backboard of the cabinet with a fun colour or pattern if you like and then use some finishing nails to attach it to the frame. Then you can paint the shelves and the back and sides and allow it to dry completely. Then attach the caster wheels which will help it roll in and out of its place really easy and put on a handle at a good height so you can pull it out easily. The last step is to fill it up with your items and then roll it into its place.

Just keep in mind that their shelf that they made is not a free-standing shelf. It's actually fully supported by the wall and the refrigerator. So if this is the case for your pull out shelf, and you pull it out too far, it could fall over so be careful. You could add a stopper on the floor too if you wanted to prevent it from coming out too far. Also, keep in mind that if you're storing things by your fridge and your fridge gets warm, you could have items spoil. But if you have a newer fridge it shouldn't be an issue. This project shouldn't cost you more than $110 to do, and it would be easy enough to finish in a weekend. Give it a try and see how great it works in your kitchen.***

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