Valentines Day Craft Ideas

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When Valentine's Day rolls around people are looking for that perfect gift to show their love. But what if you created your own diy gifts for the ones you loved this year? This list of fun diy projects for Valentine's Day from The Keeper Of The Cheerios is perfect for making treats and gifts for the ones you love. They'll also come in really handy if you have kids who hand out Valentines at school. There are a few different stories on how Valentine’s day came to be, but it did start out as a religious one like most holidays do. The Catholic Church has named a few people Saint Valentine and all of them had one thing in common, they all died for love. The most popular Saint Valentine who the day is named after was actually a Roman priest in the 3rd century. The emperor at the time, Emperor Claudius thought that single men would be far better soldiers than men who were married, so he made marriage illegal for young men at the time. The priest Valentine didn't agree with this and he continued to marry couples against the law. Then, when it was discovered by the emperor, Valentine was killed. Centuries later in the 5th century, the Vatican named him a saint and February 14th was designated to commemorate him and what he stood for, which was love and justice.

Although in other areas, Valentine's day has a different meaning. For example in France and England, Valentine's day falls around the time birds start mating in the spring which to them is symbolic of love and fertility. Valentine's day began to be more popularly celebrated in the 17th century which was when it became more popular for friends and lovers to exchange gifts and cards with loving messages in them. The first proper Valentine’s Day card is said to have been sold in 1840 by Esther Howland, who is actually known as The Mother of the Valentine. Now, it's become a very popularly celebrated occasion around the world, and there are a whopping 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards purchased each year. There are also all of the chocolates, treats, flowers, jewellery and stuffed animals too. People can really go all out on Valentine's day showing their love through buying material items, and while that's okay, it's important to do all things in moderation. Which is why it's so nice to try making your own fun diy projects instead of buying your Valentine's gifts.

Being given a diy gift that someone else has taken the time and energy to make for you is super meaningful. It's a gift that comes straight from the heart, which is why these diy ideas from The Keeper Of The Cheerios are so awesome. This year, why not choose one or two of these to make for the ones you love and cherish and diy your Valentines day? You can have a lot of fun creating these diy ideas, and you can also save some money too while bringing back the original meaning of the holiday which is to share our gratitude and love for one another. You can even make some really cool diy home decor to decorate your home or office for Valentine's day instead of buying all of the premade decorations. The glittery mason jar candle holders would be perfect for a romantic dinner or night in. Then, there are cute little Valentine's treats you can help make with your kids that hold one or two treats that they can give to their friends and classmates. Which diy ideas will you try this year?***

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