Vanilla Bean Cake with Strawberry Buttercream

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This is a fabulous recipe for Vanilla Bean Cake with Strawberry Buttercream. will bring plenty of “oohs” and “ahs” from everyone who tastes it. That is because, in addition to being made from scratch, this recipe includes several elements that contribute to superior flavor and best results. First, of course, it is entirely made from scratch and so captures that inimitable homemade flavor and quality that just cannot be met any other way. In addition, this recipe calls for real vanilla bean. The option for vanilla paste is a pale second compared to real vanilla bean, so go for the bean. It is likely available in your grocer’s, but if not, check out the specialty shops or bulk food stores.

Real vanilla carries a flavor unequaled by the liquid stuff we usually use in our baking. And don’t throw out the bean when you are through. There are many uses for the bean. It actually can be ground fine to make a paste and kept in the fridge. Or, toss it in to a couple of cups of plain white sugar and let it sit for a couple of months. The sugar will take on a lovely and subtle flavor of the vanilla that is fabulous in any recipe. Next, this recipe uses real strawberries in the buttercream and real, unsalted butter, another bonus). This will produce an extraordinary buttercream. Here, liquid vanilla is used. Vanilla is a fantastic complement to strawberries, so don’t skimp. You could easily double the vanilla called for here.

Finally, the cake is made with egg whites only, and so will be a lighter and slightly spongy cake. Cakes with that sort of texture are always lovely to serve and better to eat. They have a singular flavor that arises from an all egg white dessert. Try this recipe soon. You will find that it could become your go to dessert for every special occasion with everyone asking for the recipe (keep it to yourself).

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