Vanilla Custard Cream Cake

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Experiment with this Vanilla Custard Cream Cake recipe and see how delicious and flavorful a simple cake such as this one can really be. This is a fabulous cake recipe that depends on eggs to help create a light and fluffy filling as well as puff pastry to give it a great crust. In addition, wonderful whipped cream, made from scratch, will contribute to giving this Vanilla Custard Cream Cake recipe a light and fantastic and rich flavor. All together, these various combinations of ingredients will help you to produce a Vanilla Custard Cream Cake recipe that you will return to time and again. So try out this dessert, and really enjoy the unique combination that makes up this Vanilla Custard Cream Cake recipe.

This Vanilla Custard Cream Cake recipe is not as difficult as it might seem when you think about the various layers that make it up. The trick is to first read the Vanilla Custard Cream Cake recipe over carefully so that you understand all of the parts. One of the major parts, the puff pastry, is made really simple because it is commercially purchased. You just let it thaw, cut it as needed and use it where the recipe calls for it. That makes the first layer (well, the top and bottom layer, perhaps more accurately) easy peasy. The next step is the layer made with lots of eggs.

This layer requires that you separate out the eggs in to the yolks and the egg whites. This takes a bit of skill, but even if you make a mistake and pierce an egg yolk there are ways to recover. First, always break your eggs in to an empty cup, then pour the egg white from that cup in to the bowl that you plan to use to whip the egg whites in. Put the egg yolk in to a different bowl or container. That way, every time you crack an egg you are cracking it in to an empty container and not the main bowl that holds all of the egg whites. So even if you break the egg improperly, you will only lose that egg, not all of the egg whites that you have put in the bowl. This method is easy and very practical, and can save you a lot of time, effort and energy, just in case you do break an egg yolk by mistake. So be sure to follow this step whenever you are working with egg yolks and egg whites in any dessert, such as this Vanilla Custard Cream Cake recipe.This Vanilla Custard Cream Cake recipe takes a bit of time, care and attention to make including time in the fridge.

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