Vanilla Fudge

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The holidays are coming up, and you’re probably rummaging through your recipe book wondering what you are going to serve the guests this year! It’s time to try this simple vanilla fudge recipe. Do not be fooled by the word simple because this recipe delivers heavenly vanilla scented fudge that you can’t go wrong. Like most fudge recipes that yield hard texture, this fudge is slightly softer yet firm enough to hold it and just melts when you pop it in your mouth. It looks wonderful with little specks of vanilla dusted all over because the recipe uses a real vanilla bean paste. That is the magic of adding real vanilla extract to fudge recipes. Bakers around the world believe in the science factor of vanilla. It is highly believed that when the real vanilla extract is added to desserts, it acts as more than just a flavor. It brings the ingredients to life and binds them together to make it taste richer. Not to mention the fresh fragrance of real vanilla beans stands out distinctly in dessert recipes. Of course, it can be more expensive than the artificial flavor, but it yields a more superior and premium taste especially in fudge recipes.

A big tip to keep in mind while buying white chocolate is to look for the amount of cocoa butter that’s in it. Many brands that claim to be selling white chocolate especially the chocolate chips have minimal amount of cocoa butter which is mostly the only ingredient chocolate should have. If you carefully examine the ingredients list, they're labeled either as white baking chips or morsels, and usually have copious amounts of milk, oil, and sugar. Remember that if you’re looking forward to the best flavor in your desserts, buying quality ingredients is the key.

Even though making fudge looks like a simple and easy process, it still requires a bit of precision to be able to get the right batch of perfectly glossy and creamy homemade fudge. However, successful fudge-making is all about heating and cooling the mixture at precise temperatures. It's also important to ensure that the ingredients do not burn along the process. The secret to this is using a good quality candy thermometer which can be very helpful to measure the temperatures when aiming to make perfect fudge. Another useful tip that helps while making fudge is to keep stirring it constantly while heating it. Lastly, have the patience to let it cool long enough before cutting it into cubes. One of the fascinating things about fun desserts like a good fudge recipe is that there are so many modifications and ingredients you can add to make it taste to suit your palate. You can add healthy nut butter like almond or pumpkin seed butter. You can also add a combination of melted dark chocolate chips along with white chocolate to add more fun to the recipe. Adding dark chocolate is also perhaps a good idea from a health perspective. Once the white chocolate and marshmallow cream is added with other ingredients, you can pour melted dark chocolate and then take a skewer and run it through the fudge batter to create a marbled effect. Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants, improves cardiovascular health and contains fiber and iron in it.

Thank you to Miranda at Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt recipe blog for sharing this easy vanilla fudge recipe with us. For more fun desserts, healthy recipes and food tips you can visit Miranda’s food blog. Enjoy a mouthful of this delicious recipe for fudge candy oozing with vanilla flavor today!

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