Vanilla Yogurt Cake

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This is a lovely and simple recipe that produces Vanilla Yogurt Cake, a dessert or snack food that everyone will enjoy. Its value lies in its simplicity, as the website blogger and recipe creator notes. Because it has basic ingredients such as butter, sugar, eggs and flour, you can add zests and extracts to influence the flavor. Consider adding lemon or orange zest to the cake recipe and then almonds on top for a slight variation in taste. Add a glaze rather than the recommended sugar sprinkle by blending icing sugar with fresh squeezed lemon or orange to emphasize the flavor in the cake. There are plenty of other options that you could choose, as well. Use your imagination and create something wonderful for your family today.

This recipe starts with butter and sugar, blended. Although this process can be done by hand, it is much easier and better results come about if you use a food processor. Even with a food processor, be sure to blend this mixture for about five minutes, possibly more. You want to be sure to beat in as much air as possible to ensure the lightest crumb and cake. The eggs follow, and again, be sure to beat them in very well, and only add one egg each time. These simple steps will ensure a light, moist and enviable cake that you and your family will enjoy.

This is a great starter cake recipe, and is a good place for a beginning baker to try his or her hand at a standard cake. It clearly illustrates all the basic ingredients that go in to every cake made from scratch (well, except the famous pound cake) and gives a new baker the opportunity to try some new flavorings. Try it soon.

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