Vegetable Fried Rice

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Vegetable Fried Rice can be a very yummy, easy, and special dish any day of the week. It’s simple to make, fun to eat, and the taste is unmatched. Here’s a wonderful new recipe for an old favourite, in case you’re looking for a new way to do up your rice.

This is definitely one dish you might want to consider when the kids have returned to school and you’re desperately trying to squeeze back into a crazy schedule after having an amazing summer off. There are a couple of tips and tricks to use for cooking this meal, in case you would like to make your overall kitchen duty even shorter. One idea is to cook the rice ahead of time and just freeze or refrigerate it until you’re ready to make the full recipe. Another trick is to use any and all veggies you find in your refrigerator when you’re cooking this meal – that way, it will always be different, and it will always taste good!Both frozen and fresh vegetables work well with Vegetable Fried Rice, and quite often the best results is when you combine both!

And just where did this wonderful recipe come from, anyway? Where would we be if we did not give credit to Jessica, the ultimate chef over at Swanky Recipes? Jessica lives in Louisiana, New Orleans. In addition to be a great cook, she loves outdoor activities and is also studying to be a nurse, so all of her recipes are posted with good health in mind. We are most grateful to her for sharing her knowledge with us, keeping our kitchens happy and our families eating well!

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