Vegetable Wellington with Gravy

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This recipe might be a new adventure for some and you should take it. This Vegetable Wellington with Gravy is a play on the original Wellington, a fabulous British dish that not many of us make any more, or at least, we do not often bake it at home. The original Wellington was usually made from beef tenderloin (thus, the name, Beef Wellington). The tenderloin was seasoned and wrapped in a lovely dough and cooked. The tenderloin might also have a so called duxelles (pronounced, dook-sel). A duxelles means a paste that is created using mushrooms as the base. It could also include shallots, cream and various seasonings. The duxelles would then be spread over the tenderloin before it would be wrapped in the dough and baked. Serving such a dish is a culinary triumph. This dish looks spectacular when finished, and beautiful when it is cut open.

Here, the traditional Beef Wellington, duxelles and dough are made as a vegetarian treat. This looks like a great dish to try. Instead of the tenderloin, this recipe calls on tofu. Do not get squeamish. Tofu has really improved from its early days when it tasted like wet cement. Today, you can buy a wide range and variety of tofu that are very delicious. It is unlikely you would ever mistake it for meat, but the seasonings and texture, as well as its visual appeal, have come a very long way. The tofu called for here is crumbled and cooked with seasonings and then various veggies top it before the duxelles recipe offered here. The whole thing is then wrapped in dough and baked. A lovely mushroom sauce is also there for the making.

If you decide to try to make a dinner such as this one, be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to read through and think about the various components that go in to it. It will let you prepare a wonderful feast, and a real culinary coup de grace. Good luck with this very special dinner, and enjoy it!

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