Veggie Bacon Pasta Salad

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Try this Veggie Bacon Pasta Salad and use lots of different tomatoes to achieve a real tomato flavor throughout. This salad is chock full of nutritious choices. You use broccoli and tomatoes—two types—to make it a great vegetable choice. Bacon is added in modest amounts to pack a real flavor punch to this dish. Pasta is a good source of carbohydrates, and the dressing is improved by adding fresh ingredients. How could you go wrong?

The wonderful thing about salads is that they are an awful lot like casserole dishes. Both can be altered at will to include your favorite foods. You don’t like broccoli? Try green beans. Not a bacon lover? What if you used tofu bacon? Or leave it out altogether. There are so many ways to change up a dish and make it your own. Don’t be afraid to experiment. That’s what life is all about, right? This dish is fabulous as it is, but people always like a change. So for the pasta, instead of the usual bow tie or curly, try rice pasta or whole wheat. These are quite different in flavor from what we often use for pasta salads and they both taste great.

This salad can work well as a lunch all by itself, paired with bread, crackers or toast. You can serve it up for dinner, too. It would work well with any fish, chicken or meat dish, especially simpler dishes without competing flavors. You can use the salad’s ingredients and dressing to beef up the flavor for the meat you choose. Any way you want it, your family will also enjoy this delicious and nutritious dish. Try it tonight.

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