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Are you one of the many people who has decided to build a tiny house? Or maybe you've been looking into building a recreational cabin to use for vacation time. Either way, when you're building a place from scratch, you need to start out with a great design. Tiny house building might be a bit easier than building a larger home, but it's still a relatively complicated process if you're not accustomed to building and construction. So there might be a lot for you to learn along the way. Starting out by looking at different small house designs will help you get the ball rolling, and it will also help you get your ideas across to designers. Many designers and builders have models that are all ready to go, but even these models can be tweaked to suit your style and needs. A great idea is to gather some small house design ideas from different sources and create a folder or a file of all the ideas to generate your own personal tiny house design. The list of house builders from Building Homes and Living gives you access to many different builders from all over the world. You can find tiny house building companies, log house builders as well as shipping container fabricators as well.

As you look through the designs from different companies you'll notice that you are attracted to the similar types of design concepts and styles, so notice the themes and stick to them. Even if you're building a tiny house, you can still look at regular sized homes with the style and design in mind. Then, take those ideas and translate them over to a smaller scale. There are so many different styles and design ideas you can choose from. If you like something a little bit more rustic and country style, going with a log cabin or a barn style home design would be a great idea. You could even go with a farmhouse style or country chic. If you're into more of a modern style of design, you would probably like the more contemporary style of small house design using wood and metal siding, or concrete. For a traditional style, a Victorian design could be applied to a tiny house, and in fact, it looks quite cute on a tiny house or a cottage. It's best to avoid mixing and matching design styles in any home, but especially in a tiny house where the different designs could clash very easily.

It's also important to find a tiny house building company that's close to you especially if you're building a tiny house on your property since delivery will be involved. With a tiny house on wheels, you'll also have to consider delivery, but if your tiny house on wheels is small enough, you could possibly tow it yourself with the right vehicle. That's why it's great that the list on the Building Homes and Living website lists builders from every country and then each state and province. You can look up the area you live in and find the builder that's closest to you from the website, or you can also ask other tiny house dwellers in your area where they had their tiny house built. You could even look into building your own tiny house as well. Even though it's a lot of work, you can build your own tiny house either entirely on your own, or you can buy a shell that a company built and finish it yourself. Have a look through the list of tiny house building companies and see if there are any close to you.***

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