Very Greek Grilled Chicken

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If you and your family enjoy eating grilled chicken for meals, this Very Greek Grilled Chicken will be the perfect recipe to try out. Dinner time can be a rush in most people's houses. Especially when people have other activities in the evening after school and work. Getting together a good hearty meal that will satisfy all appetites can be tricky, especially when you are all so hungry to begin with. But finding recipes like this one will help you to have a good meal on the table in no time. Chicken breast recipes are essential if you and your family eat a lot of chicken breast meals in your household. Chicken breast is a good, lean meat to have that doesn't contain very much fat and has a high protein content. Although, chicken breast can also be quite bland and plain if you don't have any good chicken breast recipes to use. This is also one of those quick recipes that won't take a lot of time to cook once you are ready to eat.

Chicken breast recipes can sometimes leave your chicken very dry and flavourless which is never good. You want your chicken meat to be tender, juicy and flavourful. Luckily there is a fail safe way that you can make juicy grilled chicken every time. For this method, you are going to have to be patient, because you can't check the chicken for doneness a lot like other ways you would cook chicken. The way to best cook your chicken breasts is to first start off by tenderizing the meat by pounding it. For this step you can actually just use a mason jar. Just take the bottom of the mason jar and flatten out the chicken with it. This helps to break up the adhesions of the meat and soften it up a bit. Once you are done tenderizing, then you move onto seasoning it. So with the recipe for the Greek grilled chicken, you would put all of the seasonings together as the recipe calls for, and then in this case, marinate the chicken for 6 to 8 hours. This particular recipe would be a good one to make at the start of the day before you head off for work. So when you return home, you will have a really nice marinated chicken to put on the grill.

Nutrition Facts for: Very Greek Grilled Chicken from Kalyn's Kitchen

Ingredients: Chicken breasts, extra virgin olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, Greek seasoning, poultry seasoning, dried oregano, black pepper.

* The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings.

* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet

* Per Serving:Calories 275, Calories from Fat 171, Total Fat 19.0g 29%, Saturated Fat 3.6g 18%, Cholesterol 76mg 25%, Sodium 95mg 4%, Potassium 229mg 7%, Carbohydrates 0.8g 0%, Dietary Fiber 0.2g 1%, Sugars 0.2g, Protein 24.8g, Vitamin A 1%, Vitamin C 9%, Calcium 2%, Iron 7%

But to cook it really well, you can cook it on the stovetop, in a pan with some oil and cook them for one minute without moving or touching the chicken. Then you flip them over and cook them on low, covered with a lid for 10 minutes without lifting the lid. So resist your temptation to peek under to see how they are doing. Once the 10 minutes are up, then turn off the heat and allow the chicken breasts to sit covered for another 10 minutes on the same burner. Again, don't lift the lid up because it will let all of the heat and moisture out. Make sure you check the temperature of the meat before you eat it, chicken should have an internal temperature of 165 degrees. Enjoy trying out this great recipe.***

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