Very Nice Chocolate Frosting

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Every cake deserves a great topping and frosting is the usual go to topping most preferred. This frosting recipe form Shawn is an easy frosting recipe that only needs 3 ingredients. It is a quick frosting recipe that will give you a choclately topping that will make your cake reach the next level in deliciousness. As with any other frosting recipe this one from Shawn is definitely an easy frosting recipe that is a quick frosting recipe that will have your cake adorned with a topping that will have your diners licking the spoon after you add it to your favorite cake recipe.

You can make it vanilla frosting or any flavor you like since this recipe as with all recipes allows for your own creative touch to be added. Never feel the exact recipe must be followed but always feel free to change an ingredient that you might not fancy for one that you and your fellow diners love. Allow the recipe to inspire you to new culinary heights that can be achieved with your inspiration for the things you are comfortable with. If you like then you can follow the recipe and you might love it just as it is. Have the recipe become part of your creative flair.

Chocolate is the byproduct of the cacao seed. This magical seed has been used and cultivated in Mesoamerica since 1900B.C. and the fact that it has since been added to many different recipes and has been used in drinks is a testament to the versatility of it. It was so well thought of and highly valued that it actually became a type of currency and helped establish trade between the many different civilizations in those long gone days and it is still one of the most viable crops to this day.Christopher Columbus brought the cacao bean back to Europe with him in 1502. The ancient

Mesoamericans mainly used the bean itself in a chocolate drink. In 1519 a Spanish conquistador named Hernan Cortes was and probably is believed to be the first person to ever witness the chocolate drink when served it in the court of Montezuma in 1519.

From those humble beginnings chocolate is now served all over the world with many varieties of it being included in recipes that range from chocolate frosting like this one from Shawn to chocolate milk drinks. It comes in a sweet form and a bitter one. You can mix it with peanut butter or many other delicious treats. You can melt it and add it to strawberries and other fruits as well.Just about 2/3 thirds of the total worlds supply originates from Western Africa and the bulk of that comes from the Ivory Coast. Thanks to Shawn of I Wash….You Dry Blog for this yummy Very Nice Chocolate Frosting Recipe that brings the well-travelled cocoa bean to our homes. This wonderful treat in its purest form of cacao is now lauded for its great health benefits. Bon apetit.**

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