Victoria Sponge Cake

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Victoria sponge cake is that classic two-layer sponge cake filled with cream and preserves, then cut into beautiful wedges. Also known as Victoria sandwich, this cake does look somewhat like a sandwich with the jam and cream squished between two layers of fluffy cake. A classic sponge cake recipe is fluffy, not dense, and contains little fat. Unlike traditional sponge cake, Victoria sponge cake recipe’s include some butter for added richness. Erren, author of ‘Erren’s Kitchen’ recipe blog, provides a classic Victoria sponge cake recipe complete with cream and jam but notes that there’s often two types of cream fillings that are used in this recipe in England’s bakeshops and tearooms. Many sponge cake recipes will use whipped double cream, but others might use buttercream. Erren prefers buttercream, so that’s what she uses in her Victoria sponge cake recipe.

Butter is a necessity to many baking recipes, and butter's milky flavour is one of the reasons we all love our desserts so much. Butter adds a flaky texture to our pie pastry recipes and helps create the layers of puff pastry. Butter, however, is not always classified as a healthy ingredient. One (113g) stick of butter contains 92g of fat aiding its reputation as an unhealthy food, but even though the fat in butter may be a deterrent to using it, butter has healthy nutrients as well. A stick of butter also contains more than half of your daily-recommended intake of vitamin A and 16% of your DRI of vitamin D. So, if you’ve ever wondered ‘is butter healthy fat?’ the answer is it depends. Butter is classified as saturated fat, and saturated fat has often had a bad rap. Even though saturated fat has been linked to heightening cholesterol levels, there are many reasons why it’s good for you too. Saturated fat has been proven to aid the immune system and help the liver function more efficiently. The fat in butter makes it high in calories, though, so as always, moderation comes first. Wherever you choose to use butter, make sure it’s in this simple sponge cake recipe.

Victoria sponge cake was named after Queen Victoria, who was known to enjoy a slice of sponge cake with afternoon tea. Victoria sponge cake recipes are all the rage in England today and are available in many food establishments. It’s no wonder why, because sponge cake is so easy to make, and delicious. Erren’s recipe mixes the entire cake batter in a food processor making it the least tedious cake recipe you’ll ever make. Sponge cake recipes will often include vanilla extract as a flavouring agent, and this recipe is no different. This vanilla sponge cake recipe lightly flavours the cake with 1 ½ tsp vanilla extract and a little more gets added into the buttercream. With the combination of sweet confectioner’s sugar, fruity jam, and fragrance of vanilla, this recipe will be your go-to for when guests come over. Thank you to Erren, author of ‘Erren’s Kitchen’ recipe blog, for sharing her stunning Victoria sponge cake recipe with us.

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