Vietnamese Curry Chicken and Rice Noodle Salad Bowl

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This Vietnamese Curry Chicken and Rice Noodle Salad Bowl recipe are great if you are a novice to Vietnamese eating, this dish will get you into the swing of the fresh, flavorful and healthy flavors for an uncomplicated noodle bowl. The recipe has a creamy almond milk accent that is perfect for this low-carb, noodle salad with curry and chicken. This clean and fresh noodle salad get its savory flavor from the curried chicken chunks that are dressed in a lime and rice vinegar dressing with tons of fresh veggies and leafy green herbs. Vietnamese noodle salads can be found on Vietnamese menus listed as Bun, are made with rice noodles known as vermicelli noodles. Rice noodles should not be confused with bean thread noodles that look very similar. Then you have pad thai noodles that are rice noodles but much thicker. For this Vietnamese Curry chicken recipe rice noodles are used, and they work perfectly. There are plenty of brands for this variety of noodles, and you can readily find them in the Asian aisle at your local grocery store or supermarket.

The protein in this easy chicken breast recipes idea is the skinless chicken breast. The chicken is chopped into chunks then covered with curry powder. The chicken is then cooked in some Almond Breeze Almond milk Coconut milk Original. Almond milk is a great staple that you can keep in the pantry until you need to use it because of its shelf-stable package. Almond milk is a great alternative to creating the creamy sauce that has more curry powder added in, and coats the chicken and sautéed onions. This salad has simple flavors, but it does have a lot of chopping or shredding of vegetables. There is also shredded lettuce, bean sprouts or other veggies that you like and want in your noodle bowl. The next layer of freshness in this Vietnamese curry chicken and rice noodle salad is in the herbs. Herbs like cilantro, basil, and fresh mint leaves are all flavorful and delicious additions on their own or in when used in combination. The dressing for this salad is what pulls it all together. Nuoc cham is a rice vinegar and lime-based dressing that is made with fish sauce and then sweetened with sugar.

Nutrition Facts for: Vietnamese Curry Chicken and Rice Noodle Salad Bowl from Foodie Crush

Ingredients: Chicken breasts, curry powder, canola oil, garlic cloves, onion, almond milk, brown sugar, rice noodles, cucumber, carrot, red bell pepper, onion, peanuts, rice wine vinegar, fish sauce, limes, carrot, sugar, pepper flakes.

* The entire recipe has been calculated for 4 servings.

* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet

* Per Serving: Calories 377, Calories from Fat 129, Total Fat 14.3g 22%, Saturated Fat 2.4g 12%, Cholesterol 76mg 25%, Sodium 104mg 4%, Potassium 615mg 18%, Carbohydrates 36.3g 12%, Dietary Fiber 4.8g 19%, Sugars 15.6g, Protein 27.4g, Vitamin A 87%, Vitamin C 85%, Calcium 9%, Iron 18%

You needn't be worried about the fish sauce tasting too fishy and ruining the dish. Good quality, light fish sauce will hardly taste fishy at all. You just want to be sure and avoid the brands that have a bunch of added fructose. You don’t want to skip the fish sauce as you will lose the essence of the salad recipe.Thank you to Heidi at "Foodie Crush" for sharing this easy chicken breast recipes idea for Vietnamese curry chicken and rice noodle salad. This is just one of the recipes you will find on the site. Other recipe ideas you will find include seasonal recipes, breakfast ideas, lunch ideas, dinner recipes, dessert, family friendly, healthy recipes, and so much more. *

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