Wacky Cake

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Is today a day when you think you just might need a Wacky Cake recipe? Well, here it is. Some days are just that way, wacky, and a wacky cake recipe can fit right in to meet your needs. What gets the cake its name, and perhaps is a bit unfair, are two things. First, this wacky cake recipe can be made entirely in the pan that you are planning to cook it in. That is a bit wacky. Second, this wacky cake recipe does not contain either eggs or butter. To be fair, it does contain oil, so that really replaces the butter. And, in some ways, especially with chocolate cake (which this wacky cake recipe makes), oil is a much better choice. Be sure to use flavorless oil. For example, try grape seed oil, which is excellent oil, one of the best you could choose, but steer clear of olive oils, which are too strongly flavored for a cake recipe like this one.

This is an easy cake recipe and a great one for the kids to try to make. Baking is a great skill to teach the kids. It helps them learn a lot of valuable lessons. For example, they learn their way around the kitchen, finding out why you put the milk in the fridge and the eggs on the bottom shelf. They learn where the bread goes and how to get the cereal down. So that is one reason to get the kids in to the kitchen. Another reason is that learning to bake teaches kids how to get organized. They learn to understand how certain things go together, like chocolate and peanut butter, or why you use milk rather than water in any recipe that calls for richness. It is a great way to teach kids independence, organization and help them on their first road to self teaching and learning.

Baking is a great skill, one that everyone should learn. Simple cakes such as this wacky cake recipe are a great way to teach that skill to your kids. It is a simple and easy cake that they can readily put together. They only need the one pan to mix and bake the cake in, so clean up is easy to do, too. Then they can choose the type of frosting that they might want on the cake. And they get to frost it. And there is a lot of pride that goes in to being able to say that you brought the cake (and made the icing, too). So enjoy this wacky cake recipe, and be sure to let the up and coming baker put it together, with or without help from you.

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