Waffle Cherry Brownie Poke Cake

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This waffle cherry brownie poke cake recipe is a divine combination of chocolate cake, cherry pie filling, whipped cream and waffle cone pieces, and while it looks complicated, it is effortless to make. Jamie, the writer of the Love Bakes Good Cakes recipe blog, knows good poke cake, and it shows in this easy dessert. The combination of flavours is very similar to a black forest cake with the chocolate and cherries, but it is even better because it has the added crunch of crispy waffle cones. If you aren’t an avid baker and love easy desserts, this brownie cake recipe will be the one for you. The reason is that this cake uses a store-bought cake mix which means you won’t have the complication of measuring the ingredients. Just bake the cake, top with all the ingredients, and refrigerate for a few hours, and this poke cake recipe will be good to go.

The secret to any good poke cake recipe is to have a wet component to pour over top. For those who don’t know what these fun desserts are, poke cakes are cakes that holes are poked into and then a wet component is poured over the top and allowed to drip into the holes. Often this component will be creamy like a pudding or lemon curd, but it can also be condensed milk, caramel, fudge sauce or pureed fruit. Whatever you choose, these fun desserts will have a gooey texture and mouthfeel that everyone will love. In the case of this brownie poke cake recipe, instant chocolate pudding mix is spread on top of the cake so that every bite is filled with a smooth chocolate flavour. The addition of cherry pie filling, cream and chocolate shavings take the cake over the top, making it look beautiful but also bringing it into the realm of black forest cake. One of the fantastic things about easy desserts like this one is that you can refrigerate it for several hours before serving, which means you won’t have to scramble a few hours before when you want to serve it.

If looking at this cake recipe, you decide you would like to prepare more of the components from scratch, you definitely could. Store-bought cake mix, instant pudding and cherry pie filling are the secret to making this dessert as efficiently as possible, but if desired, consider preparing either of these instead. Your favourite chocolate cake recipe would be delicious as a base while cooking your own pudding from scratch is very easy with some milk, melted chocolate, eggs, sugar and cornstarch. If a fresh cherry taste is desired, layer in a few fresh pitted cherries in as well or substitute the cherry pie filling with a homemade filling of sweet cherries. The secret to the best dishes are the ones you can put your stamp on, and this poke cake recipe is an excellent place to start.

There is nothing better than easy desserts you can take into your kitchen to prepare for the entire family to enjoy. Poke cakes are fun desserts to serve to anyone and would be an ideal choice for a party as well, especially since they are a slab cake that can serve a lot of people. Since Jamie is such an expert of poke cakes and knows every flavour combination in the book, check out her blog for a few more poke cake recipes, and consider serving a few different kinds at your next party. Thank you to Jamie, the author of the Love Bakes Good Cakes recipe blog, for sharing her waffle cherry brownie poke cake recipe with us.

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