Walking Taco Casserole

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The featured recipe is for a 'Walking Taco Casserole'. Yes, this really is the name of this recipe. I must admit the name alone intrigued us enough to know what the recipe was.

The concept seems to have come from the idea of eating while you are sort of on the run or at a game or someplace like that. One of the original recipes talked about people having a little bag of Doritos that they could scoop the casserole makings into the baggies and use that as their dish. This recipe includes the Doritos right in the casserole, so is a modification on the original idea of the walking taco casserole.

With this recipe, you make up a tasty Mexican type dish, bake it and serve it with fresh tomatoes and lettuce on the top. It would also be great with some sourcream. This still would fit the bill of a 'walking recipe' as you could easily prepare this one for a potluck, or to serve at a picnic. As with any of these Mexican casseroles if you prefer to you can always make some substitutions like using ground chicken instead of ground beef, and using other cheeses.

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