Walnut Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding With Caramel Sauce

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This Walnut Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding With Caramel Sauce recipe will have the entire family drooling as you serve it for dessert tonight. I am serious. Every part of this bread pudding recipe is made from scratch and that includes the bread pudding itself as well as caramel sauce. And that means huge flavor will result out of all this work on your part. This is a rich dessert, no doubt about it, and it almost deserves to be served a few hours after dinner so that appetites feel a bit peckish and ready for a treat this rich and decadent. This bread pudding recipe does it right, too, starting with brioche, a fabulous viennoisserie that is the classic bread for rich bread pudding recipes such as this one.

Brioche is a lovely and light viennoisserie bread. It is a fabulous bread, made with loads of eggs that result in a moist, (eggy of course), and very high rise in the bread. It is also loaded with butter, and the bread bakes up a beautiful golden color as a result of it. Brioche can be served as a plain bread (although to call this bread, plain, ever, is really untrue in such a decadent dough) for dinner, although it is often sweetened slightly in the mixture with sugar, and filled with dried fruits or some times both fruit and cheese. If you have not tried brioche, find it from a local bakery that makes it from scratch with the right amount of eggs (that means lots of them). It is a fabulous bread. So that is also why this bread is so great for bread pudding. Once brioche is dry, it still has plenty of flavor and works perfectly with the added cream and butter that goes in the bread pudding recipe to produce such a rich and wonderful dessert for your family.

Despite all the richness, bread pudding is not that difficult to make. Simply carefully follow the recipe, and be sure to use all the ingredients as they are called for, without substitution. And do make the caramel sauce from scratch. Although you can buy this sauce, of course, when this sauce is made from scratch, the flavor is incomparable. The one trick to making a caramel sauce is to not burn the sugar. This can happen so quickly. You must pay careful attention when you are melting the sugar to ensure it only melts and turns a lovely golden brown . . . not black! But, done right, the results are fabulous. Together, this walnut bread pudding will taste really delicious when served warm with warm and homemade caramel sauce on top. Enjoy it soon, won't you?

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