Want to live in a log cabin? First try out this COZY one-bedroom cabin nestled in the trees . . .

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Want to live in a log cabin? First try out this cozy one bedroom cabin nestled in the trees. If you've been thinking about building a log cabin, deciding which log cabin you want is a major part of the process. So, while you look through plans and designs for small log cabins, it's a great idea to rent one to stay in for a few nights to see what it's like. What better way to experience some of the wood cabins than to spend some time in one, right? Plus, while you're doing valuable research for your own building process, you can have a nice, relaxing vacation away from it all in this sweet cabin. There are 8 cabins to choose from in total, as well as 6 rooms with in a lodge at The Home Ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Each of the cabins and guest rooms was carefully decorated by the owner, Anne, who infused a sense of comfort and style into the spaces. The spaces are individually decorated and named, so you can choose the one that feels best to you. The names of the cabins are Roo, Kanga, Whistler, Birdhouse, Columbine, Sundown, Compromise, and Bunkhouse with personalities of their own.

The wood cabins accommodate up to 4 or 6 people at a time, so they make for a great place to book in a family vacation. There are also the rooms within the lodge at The Home Ranch named Seegate, Bonanza, Quickdraw, Lonesome Cow, Hahn’s Peek and Baby Doe which are also decorated with a homey, yet very stylish decor. Just as one would expect, most of the cabins have a wood burning fireplace to give you that true, log cabin ambience everyone is so fond of. The Home Ranch is a popular place to visit year round with plenty of things to do in each of the seasons. People love to come out in the Spring and Summer when the Ranch becomes a Dude Ranch with horses available to ride, and there are trials to hike. They also have nice retreats for those who want to take part. Some involving yoga and horse back riding with great food and plenty of time to relax. The Christmas season would also be a magical time to stay at the ranch, with a nice blanket of snow covering the ground with the wood stoves burning bright. There are also winter activities like snow shoeing and cross country skiing which is always fun.

So if you can rent out one of these wonderful small log cabins before you go off to build a l log cabin yourself, your stay could really give you the inspiration you need to build your dream cabin. The wood cabins at The Home Ranch seem to all be hand crafted log cabins, but if that is t

Log cabin kits come with all of the pieces pre measured and cut, with all of the proper notches in them, that way the pieces interlock perfectly together when you are building the cabin. Small log cabins like some of the ones you see on The Home Ranch don't cost too much to purchase, and since they are smaller, they won't take too much time to build. The other option is to have your log cabin built for you by professional log home craftsmen. This may be a bit more pricy than building it yourself, since you will pay for labour, but it always ensures a beautiful log cabin that is very well built.***

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