Warm Caramel Apple Crisp Recipe

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This Warm Caramel Apple Crisp Recipe will be enjoyed by every one, especially if they like the added sweetness of caramel with their apple crisp. In this layered delight, you will find the caramel right in with the apples creating a really creamy, slightly chewy texture. As well, there are oats in this recipe, which means a lovely and nutty, slightly buttery texture throughout. Oats are also a tremendous source of fiber. They are also well researched as a way to lower cholesterol, and they help slow the absorption of sugar in sweet recipes such as this one. So with the oats in this recipe, you might not have the same sugar spike response as you might without the oats being added in. In any case, just enjoy their fabulous taste and texture, which is hard to beat when set against the lovely texture of cooked apples.

Apples are an often overlooked fruit, a bit like potatoes in the veggie world. Apples offer tremendous nutritional benefits, are fabulously versatile, work in both sweet and savory meals, and can stand wonderfully well alone, or combined with other ingredients. Not many fruits (or veggies) have the same bragging rights as apples when it comes to these capacities in that simple fruit. And, to boot, apples are usually plentiful, available year round right at your grocery store, and cheap, or cheap compared to some of the exotic fruit that is imported. So choose apples. They are a great fruit, and local!

This is a lovely dessert to make. The smooth cooked flavor of apples, and their tartness, goes beautifully against the crumble and nuttiness of the crisp. This dish also smells fabulous as it bakes, so be ready for the piranhas to start circling as soon as they smell the bake. Serve this dish warm, as the title implies, and either with whipped cream or fresh ice cream. This is an old, traditional, and fabulous dish that never fails to please and impress.

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