What Cutting Board for Chicken - Plastic, Wooden or Glass?

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What kind of cutting board to you use? The surface of cuttings boards have pros and cons. Let us talk about three types of cutting boards, plastic, wood and glass.

If you are like many people, you have all three types of cutting boards. Let us look at the plastic cutting board start. Plastic boards are very inexpensive, and they come in a variety of shapes and colors. A lot of times, they are purchased because they 'match' the decor in your kitchen. Plastic is considered to be non-porous. We are under the impression that because of this, bacteria will not be absorbed. Plastic boards are easily washed in a sink of soapy water and easily sanitized with vinegar. Soft plastic cutting boards score easily when you cut on them. It is these scores that can collect bacteria so when you clean them be sure to sanitize with vinegar. If you notice your board has a lot of scores in it, however, it is more hygenic to throw it out and purchase another one, after all they are very cheap to buy. Plastic cutting boards are dishwasher safe and don't weigh very much, so people like them a lot.

Wood cutting boards have some interesting benefits. Because wood contracts and expands, when you cut on it, the scores can 'self-heal'. Wood has natural antiseptic properties although it is argued that wood absorbs and retains bacteria and that eventually the bacteria will get trapped in the wood grain and die. Wooden cutting boards are expensive, and they are also heavy to lift. They cannot be washed in the dishwasher. Wooden cutting boards will last a long time if not abused. They should be washed off after use and if you are cutting meat on them, cleaned with a vinegar solution.

Glass cutting boards are handy as something to put hot pots and pans on to protect your countertop. They are inexpensive, and they are usually decorative in nature. They are not the best choice as a cutting board as they glass will dull your knives faster. There is also the potential of chipping glass into food being cut with very sharp knives.

The most important thing you must do is to sanitize any cutting board you use. Also, you would be wise to use one board for raw meat and another for vegetables and other foods as you do not want to contaminate any of you fresh foods with bacteria from meats.

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