What do you think of the layout of this 2 Bedroom Cabin Retreat?

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If you've been dreaming of a wood cabin retreat, you will want to look at this beautifully crafted log home kit. This wood cabin built by the Amish starts at $31,000. This quality small log home has four rooms and a sleeping loft. The interior space of the wood cabin is 359 square feet plus the 140 square foot loft. You might choose to use this beautiful log cabin design for a guest cottage, or a vacation home away. You might choose to build this wood cabin on the lake, where you can enjoy fishing, swimming, boating and more.

There is something about a log cabin design that resonates comfort and warmth, and this wood cabin design exudes both. Inside there is an open kitchen/living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The upstairs loft can be used for guests or additional sleeping space. Wood and logs are one of the best natural building materials you can use. And if the wood used in the wood cabins and log cabin designs come from sustainable forests that are well maintained, a wood cabin or log cabin design is also considered to be a green build. On top of being an environmentally friendly build, wood cabins and log cabin designs are known to withstand all sorts of weather conditions that the environment throws at them. From high winds, cold, and extreme weather conditions wood cabin builds that are built with quality design and craftsmanship are built to last. Custom log cabin designs may also be one of the most fire resistant builds you will find. There have been all sorts of stories over the years, of fires that have burnt around wood cabins and log cabin designs that are well built. There are a couple of factors that will determine how well a wood cabin does in certain weather conditions from the size of the logs to how well the wood cabin is built. A wood cabin that has been properly built has solid walls that will have a fire resistive nature.

A well-built wood cabin or home should have no concealed cavities in the log walls to which the fire may travel through. These factors when combined with quality craftsmanship and good building materials are what makes a wood cabin one of the best sort of fire blockers. Using logs as the building material for wood cabin trusses, roof beams, and veranda posts can go a long way in making a wood cabin or log cabin design or home safe, along with being fire resistant. If anything it is somewhat reassuring to know that your wood cabin may stand a chance if ever threatened by fire. Logs and wood building materials are organic building materials that are naturally combustible, but because of their charring and insulating qualities, they have been known to have excellent resistance to fire.

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