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Keeping your bathtub clean can actually be fairly easy. With the right cleaning tips and natural cleaners, you can keep your bathtub looking great all the time. Marissa Deen from Finely Ground shares her cleaning tips using natural cleaners to clean out your bathtub or even the bottom of your shower if you don't have a tub. Marissa's own bathtub had been in a stay of disarray since she moved in and she had tried everything to get the dirty marks off of it. She had even tried some straight bleach and let it sit for hours, but not even that would make the stains budge. She also didn't really prefer using chemical cleaners either, so she thought she'd try out some more natural ones. The natural cleaners she tried were grapefruit and salt, baking soda, vinegar and then Borax. The grapefruit and salt didn't work even though it did make her bathroom smell lovely. The baking soda and vinegar worked okay, but the stains still remained. Using these natural cleaners might be a great addition to your regular cleaning routine, but they may not work wonders on stains that have been around for a while.

The Borax, on the other hand, worked amazingly well and she said that it actually lifted the stains she thought she would never get rid of. Borax is commonly used alongside laundry detergent to enhance the cleaning powers of the detergent. But it can also be used in cleaning your home as well. It's also great at getting rid of insects too. Borax is a mineral salt that is alkaline, and even though it's not deemed completely non-toxic, it is still a lot safer than chemical cleaners. You can find Borax in the laundry detergent aisle in your grocery store or any big box store, and it's usually no more than $6 for a large box. If you can't find it in a store near you, you can also order some online too. To use it to clean your bathtub like Marissa did just take the box of Borax and sprinkle some of the powder all over the areas that are soiled. Then use a scrubbing pad with a bit of water to create a paste and to distribute the Borax all over the stained areas. You can then allow the solution to sit on the stains for a while to work on breaking them down.

Then, you can take a scrubbing brush or pad and start to scrub the entire area really well. Hopefully, you'll see the stains lifting and all of the dirt coming up out of the bathtub. You can also use this same cleaner on your tiles in your shower or on glass too. Just make a paste and spread it all over your shower tiles, wait a little while and then return to scrub off all of the grime and scum. If you have some unsightly stains in your toilet, you can also sprinkle some Borax in your toilet, and it will take care of them for you. You can also put a bit of Borax in the water that you put freshly cut flowers into to make them last longer. Apparently, Borax is also great at removing rust from items too. Just mix some Borax powder with some lemon juice to make a paste then use the paste to scrub your rusted items to lift the rust stains. Try out some of these great cleaning tips and if you don't already have Borax in your home give it a try and see how well it works for a number of different purposes.***

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