What would you need to be happy living in this little log cabin?

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Sometimes a picture says a thousand words and these photos of wood cabins from around the country evoke the feeling of nostalgia. Wood cabins and small log homes can provide the perfect little getaway in a forest setting any time of year. Seeing this wood cabin in the autumn covered and surrounded by colorful leaves is enough to make anyone want to get away and spend a little rest time away. Each of the four seasons provides a different feeling with autumn and winter feeling warm and cozy, spring and summer feeling sunny and bright. You will want to take a look at the seasonal small log cabins and homes that are sure to make you want a small log home of your own.

Whether you choose to live or vacation in a tiny wood cabin such as this is a matter of preference. Many people live quite happily in small log cabins and enjoy a simpler life. But for most a small log cabin is the perfect choice for use as a vacation home, a place to get away and enjoy quality time with family and friends. The question is what would you need to be happy living in a small log cabin and that will be different for everyone. For many a comfy living space with a place to sleep, a kitchen with stove and fridge, a place to sit and eat are essential to a comfortable home. A good wood stove is sure to be needed to keep warm on those cold days. Of course, the real question is whether you need wifi and the internet or not. If you did need the internet you would need to build your wood cabin in a location that could get wifi connection.

There is so much to love about this small wood cabin in the woods. A small log cabin is an ideal way to build the vacation home of your dreams in a location that you love. When you build a wood cabin that is smaller, it is an affordable option; you might even choose to build onto your wood cabin design further into the future. A small log home is just one of the vacation homes you might consider. Spending time in a wood cabin design that is close to nature, and away from your routine is a good way to enjoy yourself, both physically and mentally. People who take vacations away tend to be happier people overall. Spending time in wood cabins or small log home where you can go to the lake, go for long walks through the woods, is a good way to bond and create treasured memories. When you spend time in a wood cabin in a location close to nature, you are more likely to want to get outside and be active, get fit and get some exercise.

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