Whipped Frosting

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What is your favorite type of frosting? There are so many flavors and ways to make frosting or icing. Seven Minute Frosting was the one that my mother made only for special occasions like for birthday cakes. The rest of time, the cakes were less fancy with simple confectioners' sugar icings that were more like glazes and sometimes she would make a butter frosting.

This cake we are featuring in this article sure looks good enough to eat and no doubt it is. The recipe we are sharing is not for the cake itself, but for the 'Whipped Frosting'. This is a recipe we are sharing from Buns In My Oven, and this frosting is one that you may not make every time, but when are looking for a whipped frosting recipe this is a good one.

The technique for this frosting is well explained in the recipe description and requires first heating some of the ingredients to make a stiff gravy type texture, and then beating in other ingredients to form a creamy frosting. It is a little more procedure than just beating a butter frosting together, but our featured baker Karly gives you good tips for success.

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