White Balsamic Vinaigrette

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With all of the great summer salad options out there, making sure you have the right dressing to go along with them is key. For me a dressing really brings a salad together, and no salad dressing is more versatile than a white balsamic vinaigrette. This dressing is sweet, tangy and uses enough oil to delicately coat your salad without leaving it a soggy mess.

If you have never used white balsamic in your cooking before, here is a short breakdown of the difference between it and the darker balsamics you might be used to:

White balsamic vinegar blends white grape must (pressed grapes) with another of my favourite salad dressing ingredients, white wine vinegar, and it is cooked at a much lower temperature than traditional, dark balsamic to avoid darkening the liquid, thus keeping it white. The flavours of the 2 are very similar, although dark balsamic, you will find, is normally a little bit sweeter and more syrupy. When you try this dressing you will probably feel like the white balsamic has a cleaner after-taste to it. Much of the difference, however, is aesthetic. If you are creating a bright, fruity salad where the colours of the salad are just as important as the taste of the salad, you might opt for white instead of dark balsamic so that your dressing doesn't hide the brilliant green of your granny smiths or red of your strawberries. Or, if you already have a wide variety of sweet ingredients in your salad and want more of a vinegar bite to cut some of that sweetness, you might find the white wine and balsamic mix does that more effectively than the sweeter dark balsamic.

Another thing to note: Bare Feet in the Kitchen author Mary Younkin has been kind enough to suggest a replacement ingredient if you are finding white balsamic vinegar hard to find: Champaign balsamic. Its essentially your classic white wine vinegar, only using champagne instead of a true white wine and it brings a unique, tart taste to sauces and dressings.

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