White Chocolate Carrot Poke Cake

Photo Credit: Mrs Happy Homemaker

This is a quick and easy White Chocolate Carrot Poke Cake that you can put together in about one hour, then chill and serve tonight for dinner. It is an attractive cake that uses the poke cake method to ensure a moist cake. An up and coming baker can attempt this recipe because there is lots of help with commercial ingredients, including the cake mix itself. That always makes the baking go more quickly and almost always guarantees good results. If you wish, choose an organic mix to make up the cake.

It is hard to know where a poke cake originates. The traditional cake of Mexico has been using the method for centuries to make its national cake, tres leche. Regardless of how the method got started it is a fun and fabulous way to infuse more flavor in to a cake, more color and contrast, different texture, ensure moistness, and create some fantastic cakes. For example, you can use a basic white cake and infuse it with color jello for a fun children’s birthday cake, or, as with tres leche, use a cake made with whipped egg whites that will really absorb liquids to add multiple kinds of milk. That makes an almost pudding type of cake that is rich and delicious. Or infuse a chocolate cake with melted chocolate for a real chocolate-y explosion in every bite. Puddings of almost every kind can be used to poke in to a cake. Choose your variations and have tons of fun.

This recipe uses a white chocolate pudding to create this carrot poke cake. Try it when you have only a little time, but still want to wow the family with something special.

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