White Chocolate Cranberry and Almond Toffee

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This is a recipe that comes together like magic with simple ingredients you may already have in your cupboards. You'll be surprised to know that simple saltine crackers turn into this delicious toffee recipe, that you and your guests are sure to love. If you’re nervous about making toffee, this is the perfect dessert recipe to try. The original recipe didn’t call for almonds, but this one adds them, and it's delicious. The process to make this toffee dessert recipe is pretty simple, and you may already have the ingredients on hand. You start by laying out your saltine crackers in a foil-lined baking sheet, placed next to each other, but not overlapping. Now just melt your butter and the brown sugar in a small saucepan until the butter is melted. Then raise the heat and stir vigorously until the mixture boils for a minute and turns a caramel color. Then pour the mixture over the crackers and spread it out with a rubber spatula. For this fun dessert, you will need Saltine crackers, butter, brown sugar, white chocolate chips,

vegetable oil, dried cranberries and almonds toasted.

Adding almonds to this fun dessert recipe is a good way to benefit from the nutrition that is found in almonds. Almonds are a highly nutritional nut and a great source of vitamin E, calcium, iron, phosphorous, and magnesium. Almonds also contain zinc, copper, selenium, and niacin. Compared to other nuts, almonds are richer in nutrients and other beneficial components. Almonds are known to have great medicinal value and are also good tasting. Consuming almonds on a regular basis can help boost your brain health. This is because almonds are a rich source of many nutrients which may help in the development and the health of the human brain. Almonds have been connected to a higher intellectual level, and the nut has long been considered an essential food item helpful for growing children. These dry fruits also contain two of the vital brain nutrients, to include L carnitine and riboflavin, which have been shown to increase brain activity, which results in new neural pathways and a decreased occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have also shown that almonds as a regular part of the diet, as well as almond oil, are nutritive to the overall health and functioning of the nervous system.

Many mothers give almonds that have been soaked in water to their children every morning. Two or three almond seeds are enough, and you can also remove the outer layer of the almond if it causes allergic reactions, as the majority of the nutrients are not held in the skin. Almonds may also help to improve bone health.

Almonds are a great source of many vitamins and minerals, and phosphorous is counted among them. Phosphorous may have a considerable impact on the strength and the durability of your bones and teeth, while also helping to prevent the onset of age-related conditions like osteoporosis. Almonds may also help to strengthen the immune system. Your body has many components that add up to overall health, including the alkalinity of all the systems. Almonds are a great source of alkali materials, and this may help to benefit the strength of the immune system, as well as to increase the ability to ward off diseases and various health conditions. Along with almonds’ contribution to the alkaline levels in the body, almonds also have a high amount of vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant.

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