White Chocolate Lasagna

Photo Credit: Lil' Luna

For all the lasagna lovers and sweet tooths out there, we have the perfect recipe for you: white chocolate lasagna. Did I mention that this is a no-bake recipe? Now there is really no reason for you not to get this recipe and try it out ASAP.

This dessert recipe is created by a mother-daughter duo: Lily, the little one, and her mother Kristyn, who runs Lil Luna. They are part of a large and loving family, so any recipe from Lil Luna that passes their taste test is guaranteed delicious, and of course also healthy. Having input from the little ones also add fresh creativity to these dishes, exemplified by this white chocolate lasagna dessert.

This dessert is layered, which means you would have to make the layers and stack up. Fortunately they are all very simple to make, and there is no oven required. For the bottom layer, or the crust, Lily and Kristyn recommends Golden Oreos, which I think is a great option especially for keeping with the white/golden color of this treat. Then stack on top the two layers of different fillings, garnish with cool whip and white chocolate shavings, and let it in in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Then slice, and serve.

Did you know that white chocolate is not simply chocolate with different color? It is technically not chocolate at all - it lacks cocoa solids which are considered the essence of any chocolate. White chocolate is primarily made up of cocoa butter and milk solids. Nonetheless they are extremely tasty with texture just like other chocolates, and hence their name is well deserved. Similarly, the name of this recipe is not literally a chocolate lasagna - that would be weird! This recipe is rather a very much a fun twist on traditional chilled pies. Its not really a lasagna apart from the layered structure, and it uses white chocolate mainly for the garnishes. The color and presentation of the dessert however fits the description perfectly. (Visit their website for the stunning photos of their dessert!)

To get your hands on the complete recipe, head over to Lil Luna website link below.

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