White Chocolate Lava Cookie Cups

Photo Credit: Lil' Luna

These White Chocolate Lava Cookie Cups will have you groaning with anticipation to eat them. And the creator, Lil’ Luna, has made it just too easy to do. This recipe for lovely cookie cups will make a great snack for lunches, a wonderful treat to have with tea, either hot or cold, late in the day, or to serve friends and family when they drop by for a chat. Any way that you serve up this recipe, you will be glad that you tried it out.

One of the great things about this recipe is how it is so versatile. If you like to have specific directions to follow step-by-step this recipe does that. However, if you like to be able to try your own ideas and get a bit adventurous, you can do that with this recipe as well. For more advanced bakers having options can be a lot of fun and really allow you to exercise some creativity. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Even disasters get gobbled up by willing trial subjects (they are called loving and supportive family members).

The idea of a melted middle in a cake or cupcake is only about 20 years old. Who invented it is disputed, but it has become a classic way to prepare many recipes today. It often only involves slightly underbaking a deep individual cupcake. Then, when you cut in to the cake, it explodes with flowing chocolate, white chocolate, raspberry or whatever you may have created that day. It is a fun and enticing way to create new and delicious desserts. Try it today!

This recipe is easy and quick to make. It requires a bit of assembly in the final step, but that is still straightforward and not difficult. The recipe also allows you to use your own imagination to create something unique and very special for you and your family.Head over to the website and check out this recipe today! Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Lil' Luna, by following the link below.

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