White Clay Dough Ornaments

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Use this wonderful white clay dough ornament recipe and let yourself only be limited by your imagination with what you and the kids can make or do with them, and what seasons they might be great to use for, when you decorate the house. The really great thing about these dough decorations for Christmas is that you can make them at home, and you use only ordinary ingredients that you likely already have in your kitchen cupboards to do so. The other terrific result, because of the nature of the ingredients that go into making these ornaments, is that they dry up wonderfully white. So they can be used for plenty of different kinds of seasons and reasons, limited only by your own imagination (or the imagination of the kids helping you, which could mean some pretty creative results).

These ornaments can be seen really clearly on the website, Happy Hooligans, and although the ones that are shown are for the holiday season, white is a great color for plenty of different celebrations. You could use white at Halloween for ghosts or scary skeletons, as just a couple of examples of what you might be able to create from this clay dough. Or, you could use it at Easter to make eggs, since eggs are white. You could also paint the dough and create colored eggs, a very traditional thing to do. Of course, the holiday ornaments are also great, and you can make a wide range of things including stars, bells, trees, and many other simple but effective designs. The dough can also have things set into it, and the website shows bright beads that are set into a tree made from the clay dough. So there are plenty of possibilities. You might even be able to make play jewelry (although the ingredients are susceptible to water and may be a bit irritating on the skin). But for a little bit of short play, this could be a lot of fun.

Try to make this white clay dough ornament recipe on a day when you have plenty of time to spend with the kids. These white clay dough ornaments could also be a great project to make gifts for family and friends, or even as gifts to give visitors who come to stay or visit over the holidays. It is always wonderful to get something unique and different from the usual package of cookies, and homemade tree ornaments or a single ornament to put in a window is always welcome. So enjoy this project that can be useful to produce fun stuff for many different occasions at a price we can all afford! Enjoy this project soon!

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