Why are these the BEST EVER No-Bake Chocolate Bars?

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The recipe at the end link of this article is truly one of the best I have tried. Of course, it's best to keep it refridgerated or in the freezer since the oils will melt at room temperature.

When trying to make healthy choices with the ingredients you use, raw cacao is one of the healthy foods you are sure to come across. Cacao is a food that has been enjoyed for its healthy food properties in South American culture for more than a thousand years. Most people are familiar with cacao as an ingredient in chocolate recipes and food ideas, and this is because raw cacao beans are necessary to make all chocolate. And while most people know that chocolate is made from cacao, there is some confusion with regards to the different chocolate products that are available.

Making chocolate and cacao cultivation. The tree, pod, and the bean/seed are typically referred to as cacao, while the word cocoa is reserved for the cacao bean after it has been fermented, dried, and then roasted. While cacao and cocoa start from the same place, the way that they end up and the processes that they go through have different effects on their nutritional benefits. The heavy processing of heating the cacao bean at higher temperatures is what transforms the cacao beans to cocoa. This processing doesn’t just affect how the end product is labelled, but the high heats also affect the cocao beans on a molecular level, changing their structure and also degrading their nutrient content. This processing is when much of the nutritional content of the cocao bean is lost. That means that raw cacao, which is less processed, has much more powerful antioxidant effects and health benefits. The raw cacao or minimally-processed cacao beans are considered to be superfoods. Raw cacao is minimally processed, and because of this has plenty of antioxidants. Some of the raw cacao powder nutrition includes the healthy food being a source of magnesium, iron, vitamin C, Omega 6 fatty acids, serotonin, zinc and chromium to name a few. Cacao beans are packed with phenolic phytochemicals and flavonoids, and some suggest that these may help to protect your cells against oxidative damage from free radicals. Oxidative damage can result in premature aging and many of the modern health conditions that are known today.

Like many raw food products, raw cacao is a healthy food that gets a lot of hype for its nutritive properties. Raw cacao is reputed to be able to reduce stress, improve heart function, and even lower cholesterol. The benefits of raw cacao are still questionable, though it is not likely to be your miracle healthy food cure for all that ails you. Raw cocao powder is one of the least processed forms of chocolate (besides raw cocao beans), so it only makes sense that you should enjoy this healthy food in recipes and food ideas that are not cooked if you are hoping to get the most cacao powder nutrition. The best way to enjoy this healthy food is in recipes and food ideas such as no-bake treats, smoothie recipes, and raw vegan desserts where the recipe or food idea doesn't require heating, so this healthy food doesn't lose any of its cocoa powder nutrition.

Raw cacao is available in a variety of different forms. This healthy food is available as raw cacao nibs along with finely ground raw cacao powder. These are healthy food ingredients that you will find in a variety of raw food bars and cookies that you might see at the healthy food store. You may also find cacao butter available in its raw form. Raw cacao nibs are a healthy food that is best used as a supplement to raw chocolate smoothie recipes or other raw vegan food ideas and dessert recipes where they will be blended up. The whole cacao nibs are a healthy food that is very hard to bite down on, so they are not very easy to eat all on their own. You can use raw cacao powder for dessert recipes, smoothies, and other drink recipes. **

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