Why is the Black Rose So Mysterious?

Photo Credit: Buku Bunga

Roses are popular flowers known for their beautiful shape and symbolic meaning, but there is one that is little known, and that is shunned and sometimes feared - the black rose. Why is the black rose so mysterious?

Black roses are a subset of the roses family, known by many as the queen of flowers. But unlike the other roses, the black rose arrests your attention by its particular striking color. This dark color results from a very high concentration of red color pigments. Cool temperatures and sunlight maintain its color density. Grown usually in the summer and in small numbers, these roses are a stable in the Turkish village of Halfeti. The roses are of a very dark red colour in the spring, and progressively turns darker and darker as summer approaches.

Beneath its attractive dark complexion is a complicated history of its representation in different cultures and for different means. In Halfeti, the residents relationship to their local rose is similarly complicated. Its dark appearance is sometimes associated with dark magic, which is traditionally shunned by society. Moreover, in some cultures black roses are synonymous with death. Also, it can symbolize for some cultures the split of a relationship. There is no universal answer to this mystery.

The black rose is used today in many kinds of media. A Montreal anarchist publisher used the black rose as a symbol of the anarchist movement. Black Rose was also the name of a lecture series hosted by anarchist intellectuals in the 1990s. The black rose represented unwavering and eternal love in the Phantom of the Opera. In the popular TV drama series Vampire Diaries the black rose was associated with black magic and tasted similar to blood.

Whether you love it or hate it, you cannot deny its inexplicable charm. To read more about black roses, visit Buku Bunga website link below.

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