Why share your property with swarms of mosquitoes, when you can summon a natural ally by building a bat house?

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Spending time outside in your yard or on your patio is always nice when the weather is warm, but you also have to fend off some unwelcome guests at times too. Karin from Mother Earth News shares her troubles with mosquitos and other pests and how she did some organic pest control to keep them away. When the mosquito population gets out of control in an area, sometimes the best thing to do for outdoor pest control is to welcome the pests' natural predators to take care of the job for you. This way you don't have to use any nasty, harsh chemicals to get rid of the mosquitos. This organic pest control method is 100% natural because you'll be inviting bats in to eat up all of those pests and mosquitos to keep the population down. Apparently, one brown bat can eat up to 60 medium moths or over 1000 mosquitos in one night. That is pretty impressive pest control. Since Karin's husband is very handy, after doing some research about outdoor pest control they decided to build a little house for the bats to live in on their property. This way they will always be around for nightfall when the mosquitos and other pests are at their worst. The bat house could be attached to your home under the eaves. You also want to make sure that you give the bats enough privacy too. You can also build your bat house on a stand in your yard so it doesn't have to be connected to your home. This will prevent them from flying into your attic and home.

You can buy a bat house to use for pest control. They usually cost around $50 on Amazon, or maybe you can find one at your local home improvements store. You can also make your own bat house for pest control and save some money. All you need is outdoor grade plywood, but don't use pressure treated wood. You'll also need screws, some water based stain and primer, caulk, shingles or metal for the roof and all of your tools. You could even use some recycled wood or wood scraps that you have around your property too if they were the right size. When you find a plan you like, measure and cut all of your wood to match the measurements from the plans. Then you have to make little areas for the bats to climb in and make the surfaces rough enough so that they can climb up. Since bats love really dark environments, you'll want to stain the inside of the bat house with a dark colour. This way they will be able to stay in the house while they are resting and then come out at night for pest control duty.

You also want to make sure that the house is waterproof too which is why you should add caulking to the joints of the bat house. Then you can attach all of the pieces with screws. Then, you can do the same steps when it comes to the roof for the pest control bat house. You want to make sure that it's hung in a dark, shady place or that it's sheltered enough that they will want to stay in it. It's interesting to watch the bats and see how they fly out of their house and swoop around to eat up the mosquitos and other pests. So if you're looking for a good outdoor pest control method that doesn't require chemicals, this is one to try out. You can also use essential oils and other natural ingredients as pest repellants as well.***

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