Wild Mushroom Soup

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This is a yummy mushroom soup that, if you can get the wild mushrooms, will provide your family with an extra treat. But it isn’t necessary to achieve a fantastic soup that your family will love. If you are also balking at the gluten free tag, remember that many people who avoid gluten want to be sure it is not in anything they eat. Soup can have flour in it, but just as often, it does not. So being gluten free does not carry any ominous meanings. So let’s forage ahead with this recipe which happens to fit the bill for the paleo diet.

The idea of a paleo diet, that is a way of eating food that focuses on all natural ingredients, is a great idea. It is not hard to do, at least in moderation, and just means that you want to include more fresh foods, possibly ones you either harvest or grow yourself, in your region of the world, and look less to foods that are pre-packaged, dried, frozen or otherwise preserved. This is a great concept. Remember, though, that some foods are improved by processing, especially cooking. Carrots and broccoli are two examples of vegetables where their nutritional benefits are released with some cooking, and better for you than when they are eaten raw.

Food can be a lot of fun, and taking a page from the books of paleo eating and gluten free foods is a great way to learn more about how you can eat well and still meet the dietary needs of those around you. So try this recipe, and if you live in Vermont, get the real deal on these fabulous mushrooms when they are at the height of their season. Enjoy this soup soon.

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