Wood Grilled Prosciutto Wrapped Pork Medallions

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Try these wood grilled prosciutto wrapped pork medallions and you will never eat steak again. The real secret to this fabulous dish, besides that it uses tenderloin, is the wine and fig reduction that is served with it.

A reduction can be made from almost anything, but what makes it so special is the use of wine or port or some other stronger liquor cooked with some kind of rich fruit, often dried. Various herbs and seasonings and sweeteners and so on can also be added, but the secret lies in reducing the liquid in the product to create an intensely rich, fragrant and beautiful topping for your meat or vegetable. To get that gloss, richness and thickness you usually need some kind of sugar in the mix and that often comes in the form of honey.

The tangy flavor often comes from citrus fruits or special vinegars, such as balsamic. There are many ways to make a reduction, but once you taste one, you will never forget what it is. It is an easy, quick and relatively low calorie (because you need so little) way to create a topping or sauce that can encourage your family to eat whatever you put in front of them. So a sauce that rich requires a food up to the challenge of that kind of flavor.

This recipe uses tenderloin, perhaps the very best cut of pork. Beef can also be a tenderloin. This cut comes from just off the spine of the animal where muscles are used to help with posture rather than doing hard work such as carrying or moving the animal along. So the tenderloin stays, well, tender. It is also a small bit of the back part of the spine and so it is more rare and much more expensive. On the other hand, you only need a bite or two, especially if you serve it with a reduction.

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