Wood Manor Play Houses come in pre-built OR plans and kits For the do-it yourself person

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If you're looking for some diy wood projects to do around the house, this Queen Anne playhouse is a wonderful project to take on. It's also great if you're looking for fun things for kids to do or if your kids have been hoping for a playhouse of their very own. The playhouse is just one of many wooden playhouses from Wood Manor Play Houses. They have a variety of beautiful, high-quality playhouses for all different style preferences. So your kids' playhouse will be able to match your own home if you want it to. Once the kids are grown, you can use their old playhouse as a storage shed or as a backyard hang out space for yourself. While it's still pretty simple, this playhouse is quite something for a playhouse. The interior has a vaulted entry as well as a fireplace mantle, and a stairway leading up to a loft area. The height of the ceilings inside would also be high enough for adults too which is why it could be used for something else when your kids are older and don't use it anymore. The wood playhouse also comes with plexiglass windows and shutters on the bottom. It even as a 4-foot by 8-foot deck on the front and a cute bay window for a true Victorian style. You can also add a fireplace, rock climbing walls and even slides which would all be fun things for kids to have on their playhouse to make it that much better.

The playhouse has one large open room as well as two bedrooms which is already pretty amazing for a playhouse. A slide is only $200 extra to add on, and a rock climbing wall would only be around $275 to add onto the house. You can also have a firepole installed for $150 and vinyl windows added in for $1,375. The upper level is 3.5 feet and goes up to 5.5 feet at the peak. There's also a beautiful turret which is essential for any Victorian style home and that gives a ceiling height of 7,5 feet at the peak. The lower level has a ceiling height of around 5 feet tall. They can also build larger structures for different backyard purposes as well, and you can call them with your ideas and they will work with you to create your ideal playhouse for your kids. Other than the Queen Anne wood playhouse they also have other models to choose from including other Victorian-style playhouses such as the Victorian Castle, the Princess, and the Cottage. They also have other styles like the Mountain Cabin, the Country Gal, and the Country Cottage.

Wood Manor Playhouses has been around for quite some time. They started up in 1978 as a children's toy and furniture making business. Then, in 1979 they built a playhouse to serve as a place to show the toys and furniture they were selling. It turned out that people were really interested in buying the house they built too. So the first playhouse was sold very quickly and other customers put in orders. So while they still make some furniture, their focus is on building the playhouses. They have built over 1,000 playhouses in that time in the US and around the world. They also donate to charities as well which is wonderful to see any company do. So if you would like to have your own diy wood project and you want to build your kids an awesome playhouse, check out all of the cool designs on their website and see which one your kids like the best.***

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