Would You Ditch Your Microwave?

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Microwave Ovens. You either love'em or hate'em. This is one of the single most kitchen appliances that changed the way people prepare food.

Everyone I know has or has had a microwave oven in their kitchen. It has gone through its share of controversy about the safety aspects. In the past few years, most of the members in my family have unplugged their microwave ovens and put them out of site. Why? Personal choice more than anything. There are articles in favor of the microwave and its convenience and articles against it's use. You can be the one to decide for your own household.

This is not an article about bashing the microwave; rather it is about using other kitchen appliances to do the job. Some folks do cook and bake in their microwave ovens. Most likely use them to reheat leftovers, and perhaps melt butter or warm up a beverage. Reheating food in the microwave does not necessarily do any justice at all to what you are going to heat.

For example, pizza. The leftover pizza that you place in the refrigerator tastes so much better when it is reheated in an oven or small counter oven. We all know why. Microwave equals, mushy hot pizza...boring.

Placing that leftover pizza on a piece of aluminum foil and reheating in an oven equals...crispy, good smells, good as the day before type of eating!

Let's talk about popcorn and microwave popcorn in particular. If you are buying it in those ready to serve bags that you just place into the microwave and wait a couple minutes, then firstly, a suggestion is to read the ingredients in that popcorn. There are artificial ingredients that turn what is in truth a very 'good for you' snack in its natural form. The ingredients in these fast-food bags may be something that you may want to re-consider eating and feeding to your family. The best popcorn is made in the hot air poppers. They are fast, make fluffy popcorn, and YOU get to decide what you are going to put on your popcorn and how much of it!

Jillee has some fantastic recommendations on how to get away from the microwave for those that are considering it.

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