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You will be amazed at this unique wood cabin that is built using the method of Earthbag construction. The circular home can be seen through all the stages of construction from start to finish. If you are looking to build a home that is cost effective and unique, this might just be the log cabin design you've been looking for. With an inside ceiling that follows the beautiful circular design, and a wood stove to heat this tiny space, this unique wood cabin would make the perfect place to getaway. It looks like the owner used colored bottles by the front door to provide a unique and beautiful way to let in the natural light. The front entrance is comparable to stained glass and is yet another feature to love about his home.

If you've ever considered building a cabin, this might just be the home for you. Earthbag construction is an inexpensive method of building a home that uses mostly local soils to create a structure that is both strong and can be quickly built. Earthbag construction is a natural building technique that evolved from historic military bunker construction techniques and as a temporary flood-control dike building methods. The building technique requires very basic construction materials to include sturdy sacks that are filled with inorganic material usually available on site. The standard earthbag fill material has internal stability. Either moist subsoil can be used that contains enough clay to become cohesive when tamped, or an angular gravel or crushed volcanic rock can be used. Earthbag construction should not be confused with sandbag structures that use sand fills as an alternative technology and require very different construction details. The walls in an Earthbag construction are gradually built up by laying the earthbags in courses to form a staggered pattern similar to bricklaying.

The walls in an Earthbag construction can be curved or straight, domed with earth or topped with a more conventional roofs. Curved walls provide good lateral stability, and form round rooms and domed ceilings similar to that of an igloo. To improve both the friction between each row of earthbags and the finished wall tensile strength barbed wire can be placed between the courses. Twine is also sometimes used and wrapped around the earthbags to tie one course to the next, serving to hold the in-progress earthbag structure together and add strength. Rebar can also be easily hammered into walls to help strengthen the corners and opening edges and provide more resistance against overturning.

The structure is typically finished with plaster, stucco or adobe both to shed water and to prevent any degradation from solar radiation.

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