Would you live in a tiny house on wheels?

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These days it seems that small house designs are everywhere you look, with a wide variety of designs from small houses on wheels, tiny house designs and more. With all the small house designs out there people are rethinking the amount of space they need and downsizing to the tiny abodes. Would you live in a tiny home on wheels? It's a question more, and more people are asking themselves. Living in a small house on wheels is a way to own your home outright, with no expensive mortgage to hold you down. A small house on wheels also allows many people to work less, and live a live that is geared towards their dreams and passions. And for other people, a small house on wheels is a great way to get a vacation home, something affordable and already built that they can park on a nice piece of property beside the lake or in the country. This tiny house on wheels from Green Garden Chicken is just one of the small houses on wheels you might consider.

In this small house on wheels, you could live in your dream location. The small house on wheels comes with a shell; this means that the inside of the small house design is not completed, so you will want to be sure that you either have the skills to finish it, or can hire someone to do the job for you. This is a great way to save money on the overall cost of your small house design. Some of the things you will need to add include the electrical, insulation, and more. The tiny house design comes with a fully functional front porch and real windows. This small house on wheels is built to withstand heavy weather such as lots of snow. This small house design has 208 square feet of living space; the small house design is fully customizable because there are no interior walls that you have to work around. You can design the small house design how you like.

Some of the benefits of this small house on wheels include that the tiny home is built with quality building materials that you can count on. You could also use this tiny home on wheels as rental home to provide extra rental income. In many places the cost of rent is too high for many people and offering this small house design alternative space is the perfect solution. With a tiny home on wheels, you can go where you want to whenever you want. This small house design can be made RV or Mobile Home Park ready. There is no property tax on a tiny home on wheels, and this small house design is the same size as some apartments. Inside there is second-floor loft to give you added living space.

This tiny house on wheels is just one of the small house designs you will see on the Green Garden Chicken site. On the site you will find everything from tiny cabins, off grid solar kits, grid tie solar kits, garden and outdoors and so much more. **

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