Would you use this 120 sqft. Cute and Tiny Backyard Cabin?

Photo Credit: Eco Log Homes

Would you use this cute 120 square foot backyard cabin? If you’ve been thinking about extending your living space, this multi-purpose tiny cabin could be just the way to do it – the sky is truly the limit in this case. All you need to do is just use your imagination. Do you need some extra office space? An art studio? A writer’s nook or a social room? It could also serve as the ideal guest house, yoga room, or even a playhouse for the kids. Or what about a dog house or chicken coop? With this DIY log home-building kit, you can build this sweet little log cabin in a weekend. The package comes with pre-cut boards for your roof, floor, and walls, as well as pressure-treated beams for your foundation. All hardware is included as well as trim and laminated wood doors.

This beautiful micro Hoby Nervion log cabin comes from Vanisle Eco Log Homes, an ecologically-minded log cabin building company based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Eco Log Homes has been providing individuals and families on the West Coast with easy-to-assemble log home packages – aka EZLog Cabins - since 2008, and they became incorporated in 2010. Their wood comes from second-growth, sustainably-managed forests located on Vancouver Island. Although they’ve been serving the West Coast of Canada for over eight years, Eco Log Homes’ roots go back even further. They actually began as Eco Log Building Concepts, based in Ontario’s Haliburton Highlands, starting in 1996. They’ve built over a hundred log cabin homes in the Haliburton Highlands area and are now serving Canada’s West Coast as well.

The Hoby Nervion mini cabin is one of Vanisle Eco Log Homes’ EZLog prefabricated log cabin assembly kits. They are made from kiln-dried spruce logs and are as easy as model building kits when it comes to putting them together. Individual logs are pre-cut and therefore easy to stack on top of each other - with each of the corners interlocking for easy placement. Remember those model kits you used to assemble when you were a kid? These are just as easy, but on a much larger scale. If you need more information on the company’s prices, please check out their website and get in touch with them directly. Generally speaking, they offer greater savings on more complicated designs as well as a wide selection to choose from. Sourced locally and sustainably, their materials are top quality and custom manufactured for individual projects. kage for all of you.*

While sourcing materials, making estimates, and purchasing all of the necessary items for building your own log cabin can be extremely time-consuming, they have already worked out all of these details. Their log home packages allow for quick and efficient construction and will save you a great deal of time in the long run. At their website, you can pore over more designs and choose one or more that appeal to you. Get your family involved in the selection process, and enjoy this great adventure of finding the best mini log home package for all of you.*

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