WOW Why does this cost 150 THOUSAND Dollars

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Check out this Beautiful Booze-Trailer Priced at 150 Thousand Dollars WOW! It is a smart and tidy trailer that holds a lot of booze—in fact, you get a year’s supply of bourbon and rye, if you buy it. Better, though, 10 percent of the purchase price goes towards and HIV/AIDS charity. So if you have been planning to make a donation, here is a win win way to get something fabulous and put some money towards a good cause while you do it.

The outside is pretty sharp looking, but the inside will blow you away. It has been designed to include a television and super sound system. You can pull the whole thing behind your vehicle to every ball game you plan to attend this year. You will be the super star of the tail gate parties at every game. This is a very sharp system, conveniently designed to pull out and be set up right away. It holds plenty of supplies for any drink or drink mix that you can imagine as well as glasses for every style and type of drink that you might put together. That makes it a great trailer for taking to any party, and not just tail gaters before the game.

You can take this trailer to any party, picnic, or other gathering that you might be having with family and friends this year. And since you get a whopping one year supply of booze with the purchase, you can always be the go to guy for the liquor for the party. That will make you very popular, well, at least until you run out of alcohol. Check this out when you have some time and you will see just how impressive this little trailer is.

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