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What do you think, yay or nay, do you love this house? Could you imagine yourself living in a small log house like this one, surrounded by nature, and living back to basics? If you could get used to the idea of living an off-grid life style, this log house would probably be perfect for you. In fact, many people are trading out their city lifestyles for a more relaxing life living closer to nature. Think about it, you could wake up every morning to the sounds of the birds chirping, to the crisp, clean air. Get a fire going in the fireplace and start your morning coffee or tea and get breakfast cooking. The quite alone would be heavenly to those who thrive in solitude, and the peace of mind you would have without all of the hectic signals from modern day living. If you're not sure about living in a small log house or cabin, the good news is you can rent one out to see how much you will like it. Premier Maggie Rentals rents out different small log homes and cabins to travelers and tourists looking to visit Maggie Valley in North Carolina in Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

This area is a beautiful place to visit at any time of year, and the view and mountains are spectacular. The area was called Tsiyahi by the Cherokee people, meaning place of the river otter. There are many species of animals and plants all up the mountain and visitors love hiking in the beautiful forests and valleys. The Premier Maggie Rentals has a whole write up on the area for those interested in the history of the land and the people who lived on it throughout the years, as well as all of the different plants and animals you will find if you venture out onto one of the hiking trails. There are plenty of activities to do while you stay at one of these log homes, or, if you just want a simple vacation with nothing to do, there is plenty of quiet to relax and unwind. All of their properties are beautiful, and some of the small log homes rent out for as little as $43 US per night. Most of the properties are luxury homes and cabins with Jacuzzis and hot tubs, fire pits and recreational rooms with games and TVs. These larger accommodations are perfect for family holidays and large gatherings.

In the different options to choose from, there are some great log home plans and designs you'll be able to see. It would be great for a person who is planning on building their own log house to have a look at some of these log home plans and designs for inspiration of their own log house designs. They have log houses built into the sides of cliffs, with balconies over looking the valleys. What a lovely spot to enjoy sitting in the hot tub and look out over nature and just marvel at the beauty of it all. Some of their larger log houses sleep up to 26 people which could be great for a retreat or other type of gathering.

Some workshops are hosted at these larger accommodations providing plenty of space for the guests. Some of the small log homes only have one or two bedrooms with one bathroom for a cozy log cabin getaway. These would be perfect for a couple or a small family to enjoy for a little vacation in nature. Enjoy having a look at each of the different beautiful designs. Which one would you choose to stay or live in?***

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