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Many people would love to buy and build a luxury log cabin of their own. There is a lot to know when it comes to wood cabin floor plans and designs, and what better way to learn about a log home then by staying in different log home styles to see exactly what you want in a log home build of your own. The name of this luxury log cabin says it all. Known as A Perfect Stay, this luxury log home plan located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee has five bedrooms, and five and a half baths. Inside this luxury log cabin, there are three king beds, wireless internet, four covered decks, a home theater system, and queen bunk beds. This luxury wood cabin also has a pool table, a gas grill, blue-ray DVD and surround sound, a queen sofa sleeper, Ms. Pacman arcade game, gas fireplaces, washer and dryer and hot tub. If a luxury wood cabin is something that you are considering this stunning log home is a good place to see what log home living is all about. It doesn't get much better than this Pigeon Forge wood cabin rental that also has swimming pool access. With three levels of the wood cabin, this log home can comfortably accommodate 20 people.

The good thing about this wood cabin rental is that you have a variety of different things from the pool table to the hot tub, to the outdoor decks to give you some first-hand insight at the sorts of details you would like in a wood cabin build. You will also get a good idea at the sort of wood cabin decor and accessories you like, and how you would like to decorate your wood cabin from the all wood interior and exterior designs of this stunning log home.

When it comes to building a wood cabin of your own, there are some things you want to be sure and avoid. The following are just a few of the tips you want to consider when choosing a log home floor plan. Often people are so busy focusing their energy on the interior wood cabin designs that they forget to plan the landscaping of the log home and the pathways that will give them access to the wood cabin. You'll want to be sure and provide easy access to the entrance way of the house, often into the kitchen. Another mistake to avoid is to not underestimate the size of the rooms in the wood cabin. It is good to try and figure out how you want to use the room, and what features would make the room more comfortable to use. Always consider your family and how they will be able to function in the wood cabin together and individually.

A Perfect Stay is just one of the luxury log cabins you will find on the Cabins USA site. This cabin rental site has wood cabins big and small, and everything in between with cabins located in the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee part of the country. So if a log cabin is something in your future, you will want to start with some log cabin rentals to get a good idea of what log cabin living is all about. **

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