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Photo Credit: Return To The Forest

Check out the impressive Bamboo Hotel, a beautiful, sustainable building built by Return To The Forest. This is actually one of Return To The Forest's very first four-storey bamboo buildings. They made the entire building out of eco friendly building materials using green building design techniques. The walls are made from pine laths and lime plaster making the structure blend in seamlessly with the natural landscape. The building serves as a hotel was designed for Shad Qudsi who leads a local permaculture initiative called Atitlan Organics, in Tzununa, Guatemala located on beautiful Lake Atitlan. Atitlan Organics teaches people the art of permaculture holding workshops and courses. The Bamboo Eco Lodge serves as accommodations for people taking the workshops through Atitlan Organics. Return To The Forest was created in 2008, and they focus on teaching people about green building design and how to build naturally sustainable buildings. They also teach permaculture and forest gardening too like Atitlan Organics. They also have Mayan building experts who come and share their indigenous wisdom on natural building practices.

The local experts have taught people how to create natural ropes and nets from the Maguey cactus, as well as natural plasters made from Nopal cactus and bajareque walls which are made of hardwood posts, bamboo, rocks, mud, natural rope. Bamboo has become a very popular material in more recent years. It's a great material for making furniture, home accessories, and to use as eco friendly building materials. The reason it's so great is because it grows quickly and it's very versatile. It's also extremely lightweight and flexible yet strong and affordable. Plus it looks very stylish as well. Building with eco friendly building materials like bamboo not only helps to keep building costs lower, which is important for those who don't have a large budget to build. It also provides an all natural, non-toxic material that is much healthier for the inhabitants. Many conventional building materials contain toxins that are bad for our health and the environment too. Also, adopting green building design and construction techniques will reduce pollution since conventional construction accounts for a large portion of the world's pollution.

You can see in the photos on the Return To The Forest website the building that was constructed out of large bamboo posts and beams much like timber frame building. If you're interested to learn more about green building design and even have a hands-on experience building sustainable buildings, you can volunteer or take courses from Return To The Forest. There are always active job sites where people can try out the green building techniques. You could learn some carpentry skills, as well as how to do bamboo joinery, and earthen wall-building. People who have design and building qualifications can work on the design process as well. Their volunteer programs are for a minimum of one month which is plenty of time to learn and assist them in their current projects. Sustainable buildings are the way of the future, and they provide us with a way to live harmoniously with the earth. If you're building your own home on a piece of property you've just purchased, you may want to consider implementing some green building design and eco friendly building materials into your project. One of the best ways to ensure your project is sustainable is to use building materials that come right from your own property. Materials like trees and clay could provide you with lumber and plaster to create the walls of your building, and they would save you a lot of money in the long run. Have a look at this Bamboo Eco Lodge and get inspired by the amazing eco friendly building techniques from Return To The Forest.***

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