You Can Own This Tiny Home READY TO GO for under 100K!

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You know you want a tiny house. You know it needs to be inexpensive, eco-friendly, and mobile. You also know it needs to be beautiful and well-crafted, but you don’t want to build it yourself – at least, not from scratch. Then what about an Escape park model RV? These are not your typical RVs; they are gorgeously-designed, hand crafted, and ecologically-responsible mobile structures. Although they’re made for the campground, meant to be seasonal, and don’t exceed 400 square feet, they are so sturdy and weather-tight, they could easily serve as a full-time tiny home. They also meet all of the tiny home criteria. For anyone looking for a compact tiny house that can be moved just about anywhere, these gorgeous Escape models could provide the ideal choice.

Over at the Escape website, you can check out all of the park models that are currently available, including the affordable Getaway log cabin RV, starting at $78,700 USD. The floor plans for this tiny home model can also include a sunroom, which would give you a little extra space as well as ample light for the entire home. The plan also includes a sleeping area, storage closets, a bath or shower space, kitchen, utility nook, and living room. There’s a front porch area that can be screened in for extra indoor space, or walled in as the sunroom. The Getaway design offers a great deal of flexibility depending on what your needs are. You also have the choice of panoramic windows for a wide open view, or high-profile windows for more privacy. You can also opt for the Classic design, which is Escape’s original RV design, and by far the most popular. The Classic tiny home offers the greatest width of all the Escape RV models, and ultimately offers the most space. The Classic model includes a screen porch, custom fireplace, full kitchen, dining area, built-in bed, dresser, and nightstand, toilet, double vanity, and walk-in shower. There’s also an alternate plan option where you can add an extra door to the washroom. You can even add a washer/dryer space if need be. One of the greatest details about the Classic RV log home is that it includes a glass wall for maximum view and light potential, not to mention aesthetic appeal.

Based in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, Escape Homes has been designing and crafting cottages for the past twenty years. After receiving much acclamation regarding their products, they’ve now expanded their business to provide quality mobile cottages to individuals and families across North America. Escape RV homes are not only well-insulated, eco-friendly, and energy efficient, they can also make ideal off-grid homes because they are so compact – they do not require a great deal of energy to operate. In the case of off grid living, solar power would be an excellent option for powering these homes. Or, if you choose to connect utilities, this is also easily done with readily-available sewer and electricity hook ups. If you are interested in staying in an Escape RV model before opting to purchase one, you can actually do so by visiting Canoe Bay, Wisconsin. You will simply need to visit the Escape website to make an appointment, and you have the choice of either viewing or actually staying in one of their uniquely-designed Escape RVs.

The Escape Homes website is well worth visiting for a variety of reasons, including finding out more about the different Escape Home models that are available, pricing, testimonials, frequently asked questions, and, of course the best part – the photo gallery. If you’re looking for an even tinier, more compact and portable RV, you might even want to consider their Traveler model, which also works well as a home office, guest house, or backyard retreat.*

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