You might want to buy some PVC pipe when you see these amazing ideas for your home decor!

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You will never look at PVC piping the same after you look at these amazing DIY ideas and do it yourself crafts to do. These are some of the coolest PVC pipe DIY ideas you'll see. PVC is sure to be your new favorite material for projects to do and do it yourself crafts. PVC pipe is one of those ordinary construction materials that is inexpensive to buy, it is readily available, and it's easy to work with. You can cut PVC, paint it, drill it and glue it quite easily. Therefore, PVC is the perfect material for many diy ideas, projects to do and do it yourself crafts. With creativity and imagination, you can create a variety of useful ideas out of PVC pipes for around your home and garden. The following are just some of the do it yourself crafts you will find on the Hometalk site.

1. Use PVC in this diy idea to make a canopy for your bed. All it takes for this inexpensive project to do is some PVC pipes, some anchors and clamps. You will need to sand and spray paint your PVC pipes, the anchors and clamp. Then you will attach them to the wall, and you have a lovely canopy that adds character to any bedroom. This is a great DIY idea if you have a bedroom that needs a little-added touch to make the room complete, this is a project to do worth looking into.

2. If you have kids, this just might be the coolest do it yourself craft you will find. Use PVC for shabby chic play tents. Use PVC to weave a canvas drop cloth over four PVC pipes and then add some lace trimming. This DIY idea is easy to make and won't cost you a lot. Similar shabby chic play tents can be quite expensive. You can use this DIY idea for birthdays, or holidays. This is a gift that will get plenty of use and is sure to be a favorite. Kids love to use these play tents for hiding and play, and they make an excellent fort that looks good too. The teepee can be made out of canvas drop cloth and four PVC pipes; it's that easy.

3. You can use PVC pipe for easy DIY ideas to make convenient book storage. With PVC pipes, elbows crosses and caps you can build an industrial styled standing PVC shelf. You can use this DIY idea in the living room or office for books, or in the kid's room, so books are easy to reach. Maybe your child has been getting into books lately, and you don't have enough space to properly store them. This do it yourself craft is a great idea, especially if you have a bookshelf in the room that might be too high. This is great for storing books that they are reading, or a way to rotate their favorite books. Sometimes bookshelves can be too high for kids to reach. This bookshelf is great because it's close to the ground, and it won't cost you a lot to make. This DIY idea and project to do are similar to shelves you might find at Restoration Hardware for more than $100. And with some inexpensive PVC pipe and some tweaks, you can make a book shelf that looks good and is easy for the kids to use. You will find these DIY ideas for using PVC on the Hometalk site. On the site, you will find DIY ideas, projects to do, do it yourself crafts, organizing tips, gardening ideas, painted furniture, outdoor living and so much more. **

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