You Only Need Two Ingredients For Delicious Ice Cream Bread

Photo Credit: DIY & CRAFTS

How is it possible that you only need two ingredients for delicious ice cream bread? And what is ice cream bread anyway? The two words, ice cream, and then, bread, do not seem to fit together at all.

Ice cream, at least the way that most of us think about ice cream, is as a smooth, cold, creamy substance that is generally made or at least starts out from milk, cream, and sugar. Ice cream might have some fruit or nuts or other ingredients tossed in, but the basic ingredients and expectations are more or less the same. Certainly, we expect to pull the ice cream out of the freezer to eat it, not the kitchen cupboard.

Then there is bread. Bread, which is often called the staff of life. The most basic of food stuffs found in every culture, unlike ice cream, an invention of the Chinese (they also invented the original ice cream maker). And every culture has put its own unique stamp on its version of bread. At times, it can be as simple as a ground flour mixed with water and grilled or pan fried over an open fire or in a brick oven. At other times, it is a delicately seasoned sweet bread that includes milk, sugar, eggs, and a yeast that may have taken literally years to develop fully. Some connoisseurs claim their yeasts are hundreds of years old. Regardless, though, we do expect bread to be a somewhat dense, compact material that is temperature neutral (unless it is toasted, baked or just out of the oven) and that is probably as different and distinct from ice cream as a food could get.

Yet, here are those two unexpected bed mates together as bread and ice cream in a single go. And the recipe title says that it takes only two ingredients to put this recipe together? Is it at all possible the two ingredients are ice cream and bread? Should we tempt you further? Or just encourage you to go to the site and discover for yourself what this surprising recipe is all about? Will you discover something smooth and creamy? Or something hearty and delicious? Well, get to the site and you could be enjoying delicious ice cream bread with your family tonight (it's that fast to make).

Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, DIY & CRAFTS, by following the link below.


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