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The Eppich House home design is considered a modernist classic architectural design, built for a steel manufacturer and his family. The architectural design has curvilinear lines which are inspired by Fallingwater a Frank Lloyd Wright home design that took a decade to complete. The Eppich architectural design located in West Vancouver, British Columbia has three levels that are set at right angles to the slope of the building site. There are living spaces are on the middle level of the home design with bedrooms above and below. Each of the three levels in the house ends with a half-vault greenhouse space, that has glass blocks for privacy. The home design has chrome-plated, polished steel columns, with extensive glazing and water elements that reflect and refract the homes surrounding greenery. The stunning location is also home to visiting eagles, bears and raccoons, along with a variety of wildfowl that enjoys the large lily pond and landscape design by Cornelia Oberlander. Have a look at the great pictures of this masterpiece.

Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most imaginative architect's of America. Wright worked in the architectural design industry for 70 years and designed more than 1,000 architectural designs, including more than 500 designs that are considered classics in architectural design. These designs have elements of emotion, romantic, space, creativity and surroundings. Wright said that architectural design should be based on the harmony between both man and his environment, which is a philosophy that he called organic architecture. This architectural design philosophy is illustrated by his Design House Falls (1935), which is regarded as the greatest works of all time by the American architecture. Wright was the leading architectural movement of both the Prairie and Usonian home design concept development, which are unique views of his urban planning in America.

The following are a couple of small space home design tips from Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural design Kentuck Knob. Choose a design motif that is consistent throughout the home design. The Kentuck Knob architectural design had several hexagon and triangle shapes throughout. The whole architectural design was hexagonal. In the living room, some of the chairs were a hexagon shape. On the outside terrace of the home design, you would also find skylight windows that were hexagonal in shape. There were also a lot of triangle shapes throughout the architectural design as well. The motif that you choose for the home design doesn’t have to be a shape; it could also be a favorite color or a set of colors that you like. The common design motif could even be something to do with a favorite movie or something that comes from nature. Whatever the design motif might be, you want to be consistent with it. Another tip that comes from the Frank Lloyd Wright's design aesthetic is to work the natural elements into the home design. At Kentuck Knob architectural design, you almost don’t need any art work in the house because the open windows in the design look out onto the 9,000 or so trees on the 85 acres of land. The trees that are outside of the home design help to provide a focal point which brings the outdoors in via the wide array of horizontal windows and glass doors. While you may not have any scenes of nature surrounding your home design, you could always bring the outdoors inside with simple natural touches such as potted plants throughout the architectural designs.

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