You will love this Amish Log Cabin Kit Starting at 24,480

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Get some log cabin inspiration and view the inside of the Appalachian Log Cabin kit starting at $24,480. You can watch a video tour right on the Amish Cabin Company website, where they have added some of their YouTube videos of the houses they build. The Appalachian model from their collection of small log cabins is 14 by 36 feet in size with about 560 square feet of space inside. This is a very traditional log cabin design with some modern touches. It's set right on the ground like the majority of smaller traditional cabins you see. This simple design would be perfect for a small vacation log cabin or a small log home. It has just enough space to enjoy a vacation, or for a couple or a single person to live in full time. Many people hire cabin builders like the Amish Cabin Company to build their small log cabins for them so that they don't have to build a log cabin themselves. Building a log cabin from scratch can be an intense process, but if you have professional cabin builders build it for you, you'll be spared a lot of the stress and hard word. Of course, there are those who would like to take a hands-on approach so that they will build a log cabin on their own, or from a log cabin kit.

The Appalachian Cabin comes from the Amish Cabin Company, who supplies their customers with the kit needed to build the home or, they will build the entire cabin for you and deliver it to your home. Their kits are complete with the log materials, 2 windows, an insulated handcrafted door, loft with a wooden railing, ladder, and windows, an insulated metal roof, stain and hardware to put it together. A smaller log home kit could only take a few months to assemble depending on the weather and conditions. Log home building kits are a great way to build your home or cabin, and they are fairly affordable too. To help you stay in your budget, Amish Cabin Company has a few more log cabin floor plans like the Cumberland and the Lincoln. They also add on extras to make a deluxe log cabin building package. You can add in the cabinetry and appliances for an extra fee and have the cabin finished and ready to use. The finished result is always beautiful, and these cabins definitely have that old traditional style and feel to them.

When it comes time to build a log cabin, one of the most expensive items can be the foundation. The cabin builders don't lay the foundation, and the cabin cannot be built unless you have your foundation set first. This is something you'll have to set up during the planning stages of your cabin building process. Foundations for small log cabins will cost less than larger cabins because the square footage will be less, but it is still a big expense in your building budget so plan ahead. You can get a cement foundation poured, just as an above ground foundation or a foundation with a basement or crawl space. Having a basement in your home or cabin is a great way to create more living space without having to build out and create more square footage.

You can even watch a fascinating video on the Amish Cabin Company website that shows us how they place a cabin on its cement foundation. It's really interesting to watch and shows anyone who is planning to build a log cabin what to expect when their cabin is delivered. Watch the videos and see more photos on their website.***

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